sculptures by L.chan




environmental sculpture.chess set in progress.@ 8ft tall

architectural sculpture, chess set, in progress.@ 8ft tall

Battle of Thermopylae. Spartan shields.  sculptures. 22″ diam @.  bronze

battle of Thermopylae. Leonidas shield #1

Battle of Thermopylae.  Leonidas shield. sculpture. bronze.  22″ diam

sculpture installation BruetonLA gallery

Where have they gone?.  A collection of steel mobile-sculptures. 48″w @

apollo butterfly grisaille. mobile sculpture. steel 48"w

apollo butterfly Ghost

mobile sculpture. steel. 48"w

copyrighted L.Chan 2011-2012

Alpaca 1.  sculpture 6ft tall.  hand carved wood & upholstered with Veronese textiles.

four sculptures. Alpacas. 6ft tall@. copyright Veronese studio 2012

” Femme-oiseau #1″.  lifesize standing marionette sculpture.

life size. standing surrealistic marionette sculpture. "Femme-oiseau #1" all rights reserved 2012.

original  one of a kind artworks . copyrighted by L.chan  and veronesebellarte2011-12

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