veronese couture etc…

WELCOME TO VERONESE COUTURE STUDIO…  Custom outfitters and Styling Services for Artist-Performers. “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art”  Oscar Wilde. Original art textiles created by Veronese Studio for our couture creations Performances performance carmen GALA and Red Carpet Artwear   oct82011az-gold-jacket-e1318095290502

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

AM TAR-BABY …. am still waiting for my COUTURE DIAPER COLLECTION……. still waiting     tarbaby,tif          (original artworks, fashion designs and photographs copyrighted by Veronese Bellarte 2011) THE COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE. The background in the photographs:  original folded screen paintings. Subjet matter: the characters of the Commedia Dell’arte, created over 500 years ago, during the Renaissance in Italy. Harlequin, Pierrot, Columbine and the Commedia gang are the ancestors of the performing artists and comedians of today.  They are the inspiration for Veronese Couture Studio . Our life is forever richer because of the people who dedicate their life to the performing arts.  We salute you.  More later…

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