Stolen artworks created by Veronese studio

Very sad news .  ORIGINAL ARTWORKS CREATED BY VERONESE STUDIO STOLEN . among which, TWO COMMEDIA DELL ‘ARTE  ART FOLDED SCREENS .and (1) folded screen titled:  MONKEYS, ALMOST HUMAN. They were  removed without permission from  Veronesese studio art inventory and supplies  stored for safekeeping with Gustav Carroll inc, located at 235 West 134th street. Gardena  CA,  from may to september 2012.   Neither Gustav Carroll inc, nor anyone is authorized by Veronese to put the art folded screens for sale,  which are as of now reported as STOLEN ARTWORKS.

If you happen to know of the art folded screens whereabouts please to contact us.

those who visit our website and blogpages are familiar with the Commediadell arte screens.  they are the backdrops for Veronese Couture fashion creations.  

” Almost human”  art folded screen .  also stolen

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the wisdom of children: malice not afore thought

a traumatic moment in my childhood.  our house  became a rescue mission for pigeons.  one wounded bird came then hundreds. my aunt was a nurse, a care giver. pigeon hostels were built in our garden. we children learned how to care for the birds and watched pigeon chicks  take their first flight. delightful time. the neighbourhood cats also flocked to our house,  preying on the birds.  the adults :  ” the cats are  killing the pigeons they should be killed”.  one day , back from school,  i saw a kitten in the yard.  ”  a child cat! just my size.  i deal with it and protect my pigeon chicks”   kitten cornered and beaten dead with a log. left  by the pigeon house to be found by the adults and to congratulate me.  what ensued was total confusion to me.  instead of congratulation , i got  severely reprimanded :  ”  mean spirited child you killed a defenseless kitten. ” upon request, i re enacted the murder scene,  playing both the parts of the murderer and the victim .  the jury was convinced .  the adults , guilty of confusing a child’s mind .    my conscience did not let me off the hook,  recurring dreams of parent cats desperately searching for their  lost child  .  bed ridden with  fever for  a week.   as a parent i tried my best not to contradict myself with words and deeds  and confuse my child.  am sure i failed many times   but will keep trying.

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The Axis Age and the Great Leap of Being 800-200 BC

At georgetown university,  i took the class:  the world’s religions. a comparative study.  One study struck  me:  The Axis Age (  max weber,  karl jaspers , eric voegelin).  axis here meaning  ” pivotal point”  allowing for change of direction.

The Axis Age ( achsenzeit in german):  the period of time around 500 BC  when many of the great thinkers of the world were alive and INDEPENDENTLY and SIMULTANEOUSLY shaped many of the world’s great religions and philosophies: confucianism, buddhism, taoism,hinduism, jainism, zoroaster, sophism and judaism etc… Also note worthy:  The Axis Age occured during a time of global anarchy. conclusion:  in time  of utter darkness,  the survival of the species’s mechanism kicks in,  the human spirit makes the ultimate effort for a way out: The Great Leap of Being.   Gore vidal’s novel “Creation”  describes the  travels and encounters of  the hero, a persian  man named Cyrus,  with the central figures of the axis  age.  Are we now at the bottom of the pit?  will we see a new occurance of the Axis Age?  the answer, my friend. is in the wind. the wind tells me,  maybe ye cannot make the “great leap” still ye try everyday to somehow contribute  and pave the way toward the new axis age.

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life and death. a modern tale

the little boy: ” where do people go and what do they do when they die?”

mother: ” they go to a special place and live a special life different from ours”

the little boy: ” if i go there and i decide i do not really care for that special place.  can i come back?

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about life and death: an eskimo folktale

long ago there was no death on earth. over population problem.  the earth began to sink.  the lord above decided to send death.  the first man to die did not know  how to go about the business of  dying.  he kept getting up from his deathbed.  his family was upset. he delayed their migrating travel to warmer climates . they scolded him : learn how to die properly so we, livings can go on with our business of living.  his feeling hurt, the dead man decided to lie down and never get up again.  thanks to him, we now know how to go about the business of dying. eskimo folktale.

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Thoughts on Memorial Day

A pacifist song from  pre WW I:

I did not raise my boy to be a soldier.  I brought him up to be my pride and joy. who dares to place a musket on his shoulder to shoot some other mother’s darling boy?


A poem by Jaques Prevert, beloved french poet, about the senseless destruction of war:  Souviens toi Barbara.

english translation in Yahoo exerpts.

Remember barbara.  it rained endlessly on Brest on that day. and you walked smiling. Radiant, enchanted dripping wet in the rain…

A man under a porch was sheltering. and he called your name Barbara. and you ran toward him  in the rain.  dripping wet, enchanted, radiant.  and you threw yourself into his arms lovingly.

Remember that, Barbara.

Oh Barbara, what a bloody farce the war.  what become of you now in the rain of fire of steel of blood. And the man who clasped you in his he now dead, missing or still alive?

Oh Barbara, its now raining endelessly on Brest as it rained before.  but now it is not the same. Its a rain of mourning, of quiet desolation, no longer the storm of iron steel and blood.

its merely  clouds,   like rotting dead dogs floating  and disappearing far away beyond Brest,  Brest of which nothing remains.

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Antoine Careme… chef of kings and king of chefs

France. 1789.  the french revolution.  terrible era of chaos and change.  heads roll daily under the guillotine,  new french invention  for speedy execution  of the guilty, until proven innocent.

Antoine Careme, abandonned child, uneducated, grew up in the gutters of Paris. From kitchen boy ,  through sheer determination ,  he became a celebrated patissier and chef to many crowned heads of europe.  the first  international culinary star.  Being the pionner of Haute Cuisine is not good enough :  self taught, he codified french cooking, wrote about architecture and had several inventions to his credit,  among which the chef’s uniform of today.  not bad for a destitute  ” moineau de Paris” ( french slang for a street smart “hood” kid)

The ” invincible summer” of antoine careme.

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a debt of gratitude

” a hundred time every day, i remind myself that my inner  and outer life depends on the labours of other men, living and dead, and that i must exert myself, in order to give in the measure as i have received and am still receiving”.                                            Albert Einstein,  physicist and thinker.

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as wise as the day i was born

” i have always been regretting that i was not as wise as the day i was born”  Henry David Thoreau,  beloved American essayist and philosopher.

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made…by the grace of god

Babylon, the capital of the Assyrian empire. 2000 BC. Present day Iraq.

an inscription in cuneiform characters, on one of the ruins:   ” If what you see pleases you, we made it by the grace of God”

A person with special skills  is a “gifted” one.  he is on the receiving end, he has been given gifts of special talents and insight. He was  chosen from above, to bring light to the rest of us. there is an IOU note here.  he’d better work hard to fulfill his share of the bargain and show he is worthy of the trust.  fine thinking, 4000 years ago.

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you have got to be taught…..Seth, the wise child.

South Pacific Musical.  lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein:

” you have got to be taught to hate and fear.  you have got to be taught to be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly made and people whose skin is a different shade.  you have got to be  carefully taught…before its too late.  before you are six or seven or eight. to hate  all the people your relatives hate.”                    what a terrible condemnation of the human race couched in such lovely music!

Seth, the wise little boy:     when my daughter was in preschool,  i rode her to school on my bike.  day after day,  a boy, from her class, hiding behind the trashbin,watched us arrive . just watched, silent, intense then ran away. ”  you like  a bike ride?”   head shake, no. ” this is my daughter, do you want to be her friend and go to class together? ”  head shake, no.  then  ran away.   poor little one, maybe he is mute, or a simpleton. Then , miracle: one day,  he spoke,  deadly serious:

“Are you Jewish?”   ”  well…. i’m not jewish”.  he was puzzled: ” but you dont’look christian!”   ” well…am not jewish,  am not christian,  am asian “.   some more thinking then a big smile: ” i like you anyway” and ran away .

Seth was his name.  the world according to Seth was divided between jewish and christian.  asian did not fit anywhere.  did not matter. he  took me in.  Seth has not been carefully taught to hate and fear.  Bless you Seth, and bless your parents. One of the most profound lessons of my life as an adult,taught by a child.

Seth Liebson,  you deserve your name:  ” Seth loving son”.

copyright by L.chan 2000

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300…spartan shields. a sculpture in progress.

Some words must be said, some gesture must be made…no matter the cost.

480 BC.  Greece. The battle of Thermopylae ( the gate of fire). Massive invasion of Greece by the Persian army, over 200,000 strong. King Leonidas and 300 Spartan elite soldiers made a last stand to allow the small Greek army (2000 men) to escape.

Leonidas and his braves were anihilated ,  But the following year,  Greece  rallied and stopped the invasion.

Of the 300 slain spartans, only DIECENES is granted by the  Spartans the posthumous title Aristeia:  ” most virtuous soldier”  according to the Spartan way of life.  The day of battle.  facing the multitude of Persian archers,  whose flying arrows would darken the sky,  Diecenes’ reply:  ” we shall fight them in the shade then”.

I made a sculpture to honour Diecenes:  a bronze disc pierced with so many holes , it s no longer a shield made of bronze but a shield made of holes.

Diecenes’ shield is done.   The sculpture , somehow has grown to 20 shields.  I guess his slain companions wanted their voice  heard as well.  Dont know when   , dont know how but   the sculpture will grow to 300 shields … and how many holes i would have created by then.   will report to you when the work is done.

battle of Thermopylae. spartan shield of holes.

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make me see… or the wisdom of children

This is one of the most triumphant moments of my life as an artist, nay… as a human being: I am useful.

my second grade teacher noticed my overwhelming obsession for drawing. permission granted to draw on the back of the  blackboard.  Punctually  everyday, in classroom before opening time , propped on a chair,  covering the entire blackboard  with illustration of the poem “du jour”.  It was boring for the children  until my magic power came to play.

Recitation time:  a cry in unison:  ” make us see” , the drawing  flipped frontview.  the children  shouted on the top of their voice the memorized words.  Some  acted out the illustration.  We rocked the day . my little friends loved me for making them see and i loved them for making me the official magician of the class.

Forgive me, it was long ago, i do not remember you individually, but i still see you all, neck stretched toward the blackboard , eyes and mouth wide open,  shouting : ” make us see”. Because you need my magic to see,  till the end of time, i shall hone my magic skills for you.

This website and all the works therein, are dedicated to you, dear wise little people of my childhood.

copyright by l.chan 2000.

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words not spoken…dead before ever being born

a gift from a friend:  a book of poems by Chilean poet Franz Tamayo. book whereabouts unknown,  cannot remember the exact words,  but the image is still burning in my mind:

whatever happened to words that are not said?  it is as if they die without ever being born.

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ray charles …negro spirituals… negro reels.

Paris in the 60’s, Ray Charles live concert: swept away into a world of gut-deep world of sounds and poetry.  What an immense artistic achievement:  Ray took the rythm of the gospel music and sings about our daily life.  digging some more, i discover  the negro spirituals ,digging some more and  found negro folk music and songs, some of them , incoherent words,  relics of  past utterances from africa . The music of the slaves:  the negro reels.

I wrote some of these reels, on mobile- sculptures , butterflies made of steel and let the words fly away in the wind.  here is one of the reels: Look down the lonesome road, hang down your head and cry. even the dearest friends must part some day. why not you and I?apollo butterfly. reels

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imagination is more important than knowledge.

” Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and to understand”  Albert Einstein

“Your time is limited, so dont waste it, living someone else’s life… dont let the noise of others’ opinions drown your  own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.”  Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, walker to your own drumbeat, thank you for reminding us to keep alive the fire burning  within each and all of us.

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Crying for Greece

HITCH HIKING RITUAL IN EUROPE. In summer, a multitude of youths, hitch-hiking , crisscrossing the continent, in search of themselves, in search of one another, to see what the world is about. Life experienced from the view point of the have-nots.  They carry minimal cash,  for meals and youth hostel fees .Prepared to sleeping in open fields, and trekking on foot and exchanging manual labor for hospitality. The majority are college students. I was one of them. This is our self imposed rite of passage toward humaness. The tradition of hospitality is respected in  these parts of the world.  The locals often time went beyond the call of duty .

We are 4, setting out from Paris, to Italy and Greece.  by now,  approaching Athens.   soon it will be dark. we prepare to camp in the fields for the night. a VW stops, already filled with boxes.  somehow 4 people get sardined in! on our way to Athens. bad news, the youth hostel is full.  Never mind,  our driver is going to give us shelter, his apartment is tiny, we can sleep on the terrace.  we get cleaned up then he invites us to dinner in a taverna, in the outskirsts of athens.  Next morning, we prepare to go back to youth hostel, he calls  me  aside  he has to go on a trip for one week, we can stay till he comes back. the concierge will bring ice daily for the ice box and there is some cash in the drawer for emergency.  I told my friends: “over my dead body, nobody is touching the money in the drawer”. we are on our way to the islands, before our host’s return. we want to pay the concierge for the ice and some tip. she refuses. I send our host a thank you letter from Paris. His kindness is forever in my mind. Greece is forever in my heart.

Greece, the cradle of western civilization has become prey to corruption and greed .

Now the whole nation is put to shame.  the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. Next, Spain Portugal Italy. I am crying for Greece and for the world. The Euro and intereuropean monetary system was created supposedly to unify europe and bring prosperity world wide. Instead it has become the playground of international finance experts, whose sole purpose is to defleece the people and sell out their own country. Each of us is responsible for giving them their power to harm and do evil.  each of us can put a stop to this abuse of power.

today,  Greece, tomorrow Italy and Spain, next week  America ?

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Tending your own garden . Voltaire and Candide


Voltaire. French philosopher , one of the founding fathers of “The Age of Enlightenment” .Radical new ideas swept the western world of the 18th century and sowed the seeds of the French and American Revolutions.

Prolific writer ( over 2000 books and pamphlets) famous for his fierce wit as a socio-political satirist . In his book Candide, the hero of the same name,  journeys through Europe and  Asia Minor ( now, the Middle East) and witnesses a world falling into decadence and anarchy. Candid’s quest came to an amazing conclusion:  he settled down in a Muslim country ,  on the advise of his Muslim friend, to live peacefully with his neighbours, to tend his own garden and to produce something of value to others . That is the lesson Candide left  us.

The garden  OK, but why in a Muslim country?

Amazing prophecy. Over 200 years ago, when western culture, thoughts and religion reigned supreme, Voltaire advocated an open mind attitude: to accept other cultures and learn about their wise ways. its the only way to build a peaceful world.

Yes Monsieur Voltaire,  I have been  tending my own garden.

Starting the blog journal, helped me collect my thoughts and gather my seeds.  wish i had your wit and writing facility.

 will keep you informed…

Coy bids you a bientot

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