about Coy



I am Coy, the spiritual leader and creative alter ego of Chan. the earthbound owner of VeroneseBellarte, art studio and mfg of home decor and artwear (more about the design studios, later…)  . The Coy-Chan set-up  is something like the Superman-Clark Kent duo.  Chan was a social misfit, a cultural mongrel, three layers deep. Chinese heritage, French and American education.   The  three cultures often acting simultaneously and out of sync. Obsessive artistic behaviour beginning at age one ( defective gene? ).  Pragmatic Chinese parents applied the “bonsai” treatment, pruned her intellectual curiosity toward science.  “Artists poor, maybe famous after they die. better life as engineer, doctor  or vet”. That’s Chinese for intellectual lobotomy.

Chan  inherited a spark from the Monkey Spirit ( more later. about Monkey-Equal to Heaven…).  I am that divine spark which turned chan, the basket case  into a useful “Half Duck Half Chicken”, an artist who thinks like a scientist and a scientist who acts like an artist.  Blessings from the elders: “duck good to eat, chicken good to eat, two ways useful” .    “Coy” ( monkey in Zapotec language) was the Nom d ‘Artiste, given to Chan by Maestro Francisco Toledo, lifelong friend and mentor. In time chan acquired the power of magic: to see beauty with her third eye and make it appear at will. She could see and she could “make people see”. She was  ” two ways useful”.  People open their heart, dropping seeds of knowledge and wisdom into chan’s basket.  No one  knows for sure what she does with the seeds, but she keeps collecting.

I am Coy, Blogger to the Galaxy and your guide to a journey across time and space, to revisit the wise people of old, and meet new ones, those whose life  and deeds  bring light into the darkness of our human condition.


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