real Piglet in my life

i was  7-8. Traditional Chinese New Year celebration. children are given gift-money in red envelopes. firecrackers and wonderful special cooking. tradition must be preserved, especially if you live in a foreign land. the adults bought a live piglet from a farm for the traditional red roasted suckling pig dish. love at first sight. over my dead body , no piglet red roasting. i would buy the piglet with all my new year money.  i threw in some convulsions and asthma attacks. my aunt (  who raised me and whom i called Mother # One ) gave in, on one condition:  i was to take care of the piglet 100%, providing feed and clean-up.  i kept my share of the bargain. every day, rain or shine, after school ,  buckets in  hand, i made the round of neighbouring restaurants, collecting leftovers for piglet …and i now must confess, all sorts of treats for myself, from the kind kitchen staffs (“here comes the piglet kid. she is tiny,feed her too”). the neigbourhood girls walked their dainty french poodles, i walked my  piglet.  Piglet prospered to mega size. they finally took him to the farm, but that is another story.           Morality:  some adults can be very wise.  my aunt was wise and loving. Methink, the piglet saga was  a mighty  lesson in responsability. Piglet is still dancing in my mind and often comes out to say hello. another priceless gift from my beloved aunt, Mother # One.

piglet and la vie en roseoriginal artwork by l.chan. 2013. all rights reserved.

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