Edgar Degas and the ballerinas

Paris  , second half of 19th cent. the birthplace of modern art  and uncontested capital of modern western culture: the culture of money.                          Edgar Degas, artist. one of  the founders of the Impressionist Art movement. mostly famous for his depictions of ballet and the ballerinas.  Degas’ art goes beyond masterfully painted images. the undercurrent of chilling realism and social criticism, makes Degas’ art eternally meaningful. Paris Opera House and its world famous ballet school had a  dark secret:  little girls , beginning age 6 were brought there by their mothers, maybe to have a legitimate career in dance,  more often than not, in search  of generous “protectors”. beginning age  6!                                     in the paintings . behind  froufrou tutus and graceful rehearsing figures , lurk shadowy figures in tall hats: they are the “abonnes” , the regular patrons , evaluating the merchandise.  Edgar-Degas-9269770-1-402degas ballerina

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