life and times of a little prince: Antoine de St-Exupery

Once upon a time there was a boy ,  Antoine, Count of Saint -Exupery. born in 1900, in Lyon, France. not focused on his studies, no clue what to do with his life, then he found his passion : to be an airplane pilot.  it was the early days of aviation. the planes , flying death traps.A pionner airpostal pilot, Antoine crisscrossed  the sky, delivering mail and rescueing the many pilots who crashed. WWII, reconnaissance missions for  France and the Allies.  1944,  Antoine and his plane vanished from  the face of the earth.

Antoine , Count de Saint- Exupery, the pilot died.  But Antoine, Little Prince de Saint-Exupery lives with us forever, through his poetry and writings about life and the human condition.  the writings , born during  his long  solitary  voyages high  in the sky and close to the stars. One book, especially wons the heart of millions of people, all over the world:  LE PETIT PRINCE  ( english: “The Little Prince”) .  by and by Le Petit Prince will  visit us, on this website.

The little prince and my own shadow were my favorite childhood imaginary friends. nowaday  i still read the book,  as poetry: ” the eyes are blind. look with your heart”.  Over 20 years ago, i made a sculpture in copper, covered with minerals i collected from the desert, in homage to Saint-Ex ( its how the French call him) . in my mind’s eye, its the topography of the desert, seen  from his open cockpit plane.  titled after another book by Saint -Ex:  “Terre des Hommes”  : World of Man.

7-1-2011 4;12;57 PM wind sand and stars

all rights reserved by L. chan

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