yin-yang symbol: topdog-underdog.

the imperfect circle: the law of the universeZen Circle:  always drawn free-hand , never a perfect circle.  symbol of the Universe, symbol of Life, in its glorious imperfect state. There is no such thing as perfection.  Look for and enjoy the beauty and harmony of the imperfect.yin-yang symbolYin-Yang symbol:  symbol of the Law of the universe : opposite yet complementary    aspects of the universe.  The harmonious whole is made of two opposite but equally important parts, completely intertwined,  in each part there is a seed of the opposite part. each seed carries within itself a smaller seed of the opposite , on and on .  awesome imagery, awesome symbol. no?

every day parlance:  we are , at all time, both topdog  and underdog.  some time more topdog , sometime more underdog . life experienced from different angles.  i guess the Big Boss up there is teaching us to be humble and compassionate.  we try.

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