idiomatic expressions: a looking glass into the collective soul of a people.

” IDIOM” : a group of words , an expression, peculiar to a language,  cannot be translated word for word.  an idiom has a figurative meaning  that paints the collective  cultural experience  of the people  who speak that language.  i like to look up idioms : a journey into the collective soul of a people.  will share with you by and by.heaven on earth: wine and cheese

” il ya un os dans le fromage” .french. literal: ” there is a bone in the cheese”. idiomatic meaning:   unexpected disturbance.  cheese , appreciated for  smooth texture.  a bone in the cheese!  sacrilege. witty idiom,  a reminder how much the French love to make ( around 400 types of cheeses and counting!)  and savor cheese… with wine. c’est si bon.

” can eat bitterness”.  chinese idiom.  figuratively:  capacity for long  endurance  of  adversity.  The Chinese pride themselves for being bitterness eaters.      The word “eat”  often used in chinese idioms.  food, the lack of it,  most  important concern in chinese culture.  Chinese greeting: ” have you eaten rice yet?” . have you been able to fill your  belly yet.  yes, my belly is full, thank you.

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