Little People Big Friendship

Fear and hate entering children’s life.  the adorable little angels turning into pint size monsters . One of our neighbours : a special young man, in his twenties, super strong  extremely short for his age and stature. Relentlessly,  we children ganged together to harass him : ” dwarf dwarf!”     one afternoon,  walking alone,  came face to face with our victim .  ” that’s the end of my short life ” i thought.   he just smiled: ” Hi, grasshopper,  i hear you train in martial arts.  very useful to know self-defense.  show me how good you are”  i mumbled all sorts of excuses,  from being a worthless- weakling- of- a- girl – with- thick- skull- good-for-nothing … to ” i cannot demo any technique,  you do not have the proper outfit!”  he obliged, took my schoolbag as hostage , went home to change :  he had on a kung fu practice garb!  Cornered, no way out, i sprang and kicked and saw him… on his ass on the ground.  I bursted into tears:  now he has another reason to make dead meat of me.  Again, he smiled:  ” very good, grasshopper.  you can come and train with  me  if you want and i shall be your friend. ” my cousins and i, we stopped harassing him.  the “dwarf” somehow vanished forever, replaced by a friend and a teacher.

little people big world

coy salutes you, Little People of the world.                                                                                                                                                               More about the Little People .  visit The Little People of America   www.

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