life and times of an underdog: Tarzan to-be.

i grew up in the household of my aunt.  the youngest child and a girl . my cousins  all boys,  barely tolerated my tagging along. Little me ,the underdog tagged along and played boys’ games, trained in kung fu, and watched action movies .  sunday matinee movie:  Tarzan and the Amazones.  our idol, Johnny Weissmuller. diving from the high cliff into the sea , shouting his trademark cry …. aho…o…o…o!  Back home, we decided to play Tarzan.  in the garden there was a huge tree, the trunk in inclined position.  the  “cliff” from which to dive. all the tarzans- to- be piled up on the highest part.  ”  i want to dive too” . my cousins:  ” no room. we need someone  on the ground to give us the signal .  ok?   sad- faced i said :  ” well,  o…kay.  ready…  get set… go!”  They all dived head first. we had forgotten there was no sea. That evening , at the dining table,  all the children had bandaged head, except litte me, the underdog.

little me, the underdog

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