song of the snails

To the funeral of a dead leaf, two snails were on their way.  in mourning mode,  veil and shell  painted black, the twosome  left , on a beautiful autumn evening… alas, when they reach destination, it’s already springtime. the leaves ,earlier dead, have all come back to life.  deep disappointment.  Here comes the  sun. says he:  take it easy, have a seat and a glass of beer if you fancy.   enjoy life and if you please, take the evening bus for Paris and visit the countryside. believe me , death and  funerals  are bad news. they grow black rings around your eyes and make you ugly.  shed all this black, put on  the  colours of life and celebrate the beautiful evening…  the two little snails now  slowly on their way  home, zigging zagging from too much beer, zigging  zagging  happily home .  high in the sky, the moon watching over them.

Adapted from the poem:” Chanson des escargots qui vont a l’enterrement” by JACQUES PREVERT,  beloved French  artist, poet, writer, film maker. father of the universally loved lyrics of the songs:  Les Feuilles Mortes  ( Falling leaves) and La Vie en Rose.

escargot going to funeral

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