the wisdom of children: Aesop fable the crow and the fox.

Lyceum . first grade.  the class had to stage a play: Mr LaFontaine’s fable.( 17th century french version of greek Aesop’s fable):  The CROW AND THE FOX.  master crow perched on a branch, a cheese in its beak . master fox , at the foot of the tree, sweet talking : ”  your voice  must match the beauty of your black coat.  pray, let us hear it”.  master crow obliged, opened its beak to deliver a crow aria… the cheese  fell into master fox’s mouth. Critical moment , selecting the actors . With the definitive authority of an” artiste” of long standing experience , i pointed to one of my classmates, a girl from  southern India,  her hair and her skin  blue black,   more beautiful than any  black colour i could  ever paint.  she stood up, proud of being selected and beaming: the most beautiful Master crow, we children had ever seen.  Unanimous approval.                                                                            We children were then wise,  as wise as the day we were born. We saw with our heart and we understood the law of the Universe:  the cohesiveness and beauty of the whole comes from its many parts, all different but all as useful and all as important.  discrimination is not natural. it is man made .

school girl from southern India

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