the butterfly and the philosopher.

“once upon a time, I chuang-zi, dreamed i was a butterfly, fluttering either thither, to all intents and purposes , a butterfly….suddenly i awoke, there i lay, myself again.  Now, i do not know whether i was a man dreaming he was a butterfly, or whether i am a butterfly, dreaming  it is a man.”

Chuang-zi.  philosopher of 4th-3rd cent.BC China ( the time of the Axis Age). proponent of the philosophy of Skepticism, Relativism: absolute  truth is beyond the grasp of human consciousness.  we can only grasp partial aspects , a cock eyed view of the universe at best.  enormous influence on the western thinkers of later generations:  Nietzsche,  Einstein,  existential philosophers, quantum physics, astro  physics and more…


chuangzi. philosopher. 4th cent BC China. dreaming he was a butterfly.

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