frog living in the well and the philosopher.

” you cannot speak of ocean to a frog living in a well- a creature of narrow sphere.

you cannot speak of ice to a summer insect-a creature of season…..

but now that you have emerged from your narrow sphere, and have seen the great ocean, you know your own insignificance.  i can speak to you of  great principles.”

Chuang-zi.  mystic, moralist, social reformer.  4th-3rd cent. BC. the time of the Axis Age.  a follower of the teachings of Lao-zi (  Taoism): follow the way of nature, live at one with nature and do not impose on it.

chuangzi. 4th cent. BC .China. mystic philosopher social reformer.
EASY ENOUGH NO? Why can’t we follow this simple advice? because, we human are forever living in the narrow well of our self-importance.

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