Monkey Equal to Heaven and the Journey to the West

Monkey:  in Chinese culture, represents the creative, playful and often rebellious side of human nature. left unchecked,  it is destructive. with the right  mentorship,  it is the instrument to great achievements.

“JOURNEY TO THE WEST”  written in 15th cent. : one of the 4 greatest literary masterpieces of China. it is an allegory of Man’s journey toward wisdom .

Monkey, endowed at birth with extraordinary physical ability and  intelligence. mastered the magical arts.  self appointed title: Monkey Equal to Heaven.  created havoc on earth and in heaven for his own amusement. “Born Again”:  a Buddhist monk .  pilgrimage journey westward ( India) to fetch the Buddhist scriptures, for the salvation of mankind. Monkey’s born again name: Suen Wu kong ( Monkey who understands the Void).

I am Coy, a spark of the Monkey spirit .  i am the Blogger to the galaxy and the alter ego of Chan,  the half duck-half chicken of this website.  by and by, will tell you about the  adventures of Monkey .

what’s the use of wine ,if no one wants to taste it?  what’s the use of a storyteller, if no one likes stories?  because of you, dear readers of near and far away lands,  i ,Coy exists and salutes you.

“Monkey” by Arthur Waley. english translation of the Chinese novel “Journey to the west’

coy, the blogger to the galaxy and alter ego of chan

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