social conscience. massage profession reserved for the blind

centuries old tradition in China and related asian cultures:  in olden days, the profession of therapeutic masseur  strictly reserved for blind people.  they  walk ( yes,  THEY WALK)  their neighbourhood beat,  sounding a rattle . people  make time to invite them in.    nowaday,  the venerable profession is freely robbed from the blind and more often than not,  massage parlours  are a front for prostitution.  sad time.

turning tide .   South Korea,  decades of court battle,  finally, constitutional law passed to  protect the livelihood of blind masseurs.  Nepal,  giant effort to train the blind  into the profession and constitutionally  guaranty their right .

next time you need  massage therapy,  demand … at gun point if necessary,   the service of a professionally  trained  blind masseur.  their hands can see  as well as feel .

Bravo South Korea Bravo Nepal.

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