a Danish oyster named Thorkil Sonne

once upon a time,  a Danish oyster named Thorkil Sonne discovered a lethal grain of sand in his system:  his son was diagnosed autistic. a  black hole of hopelessness, that’s the life of  families involved with the illness:  no hope to help the patient and no hope for the patient ever to be useful to himself  or society.

Thorkil Sonne  turns the lethal grain of sand into a precious pearl:  SPECIALISTERNE ( Specialits in Danish).  a company to assess and train ASD people  ( autistic spectrum disorder) so their special talents can be put to use to the service of the business sector . matching  special skills to special needs .

Now on to the second pearl:  SPECIALISTERNE FOUNDATION. goal is to  create a million job for ASD people  through social entrepreneurship .  on its way to create a string of pearls encircling the globe. see more  www.specialisterne.com

i like pearls, especially pearls with a social conscience.

why do autistic employees excel in the workplace?  extreme concentration on their current task.

autistic employee excells in work place

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