the ballad of Blind Tom Wiggins

1848-1904:  the life and time of Blind Tom Wiggins, born a slave . blind at birth, an autistic idiot savant and a musical prodigy.  exploited to the tilt:  world wide acclaimed concert performer and freak show superstar  at the same time from age six,   amassed a huge fortune for his masters and the Confederacy cause. death  shrouded in controversy. buried in an unmarked grave.

John Steinbeck  attended his concert and raved about his performance.

” The ballad of Blind Tom”  biography  by Deidre O connell

“John Davis plays Blind Tom:  The Eight Wonder” .  CD

“Oh Susanna dont you cry for me. ‘m just from Alabama with my banjo on my knee. Susanna, dont you cry for me.”  Negro Reel


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