Moonlight Serenade from China . 8th century AD

Li Bai,  the greatest poet of Tang Dynasty China ( 7th-10th cent AD) and the most accomplished ” hippie” of his time :

“A pot of wine,  under the flowering trees,

alone I drink, no friend nearby.

raising my cup and beckoning to the  moon,

for she , my shadow and I  make us three.”

Li Bai’s nom de plume ( pen name)   ” the  Great  White”.  nothing to do with the great white shark.  his mother , when pregnant of him,  dreamt of a white star falling on earth.   the newborn was believed to be the earthly reincarnation of a celestial spirit,  the white star.  Li-Bai’s death, as well , clouded in legend:  he drowned,  trying to catch the reflection of the moon on the water of the lake.

will tell you more about Chinese and other “hippies”  dear to my heart.


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