Stolen artworks created by Veronese studio

Very sad news .  ORIGINAL ARTWORKS CREATED BY VERONESE STUDIO STOLEN . among which, TWO COMMEDIA DELL ‘ARTE  ART FOLDED SCREENS .and (1) folded screen titled:  MONKEYS, ALMOST HUMAN. They were  removed without permission from  Veronesese studio art inventory and supplies  stored for safekeeping with Gustav Carroll inc, located at 235 West 134th street. Gardena  CA,  from may to september 2012.   Neither Gustav Carroll inc, nor anyone is authorized by Veronese to put the art folded screens for sale,  which are as of now reported as STOLEN ARTWORKS.

If you happen to know of the art folded screens whereabouts please to contact us.

those who visit our website and blogpages are familiar with the Commediadell arte screens.  they are the backdrops for Veronese Couture fashion creations.  

” Almost human”  art folded screen .  also stolen

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