The Axis Age and the Great Leap of Being 800-200 BC

At georgetown university,  i took the class:  the world’s religions. a comparative study.  One study struck  me:  The Axis Age (  max weber,  karl jaspers , eric voegelin).  axis here meaning  ” pivotal point”  allowing for change of direction.

The Axis Age ( achsenzeit in german):  the period of time around 500 BC  when many of the great thinkers of the world were alive and INDEPENDENTLY and SIMULTANEOUSLY shaped many of the world’s great religions and philosophies: confucianism, buddhism, taoism,hinduism, jainism, zoroaster, sophism and judaism etc… Also note worthy:  The Axis Age occured during a time of global anarchy. conclusion:  in time  of utter darkness,  the survival of the species’s mechanism kicks in,  the human spirit makes the ultimate effort for a way out: The Great Leap of Being.   Gore vidal’s novel “Creation”  describes the  travels and encounters of  the hero, a persian  man named Cyrus,  with the central figures of the axis  age.  Are we now at the bottom of the pit?  will we see a new occurance of the Axis Age?  the answer, my friend. is in the wind. the wind tells me,  maybe ye cannot make the “great leap” still ye try everyday to somehow contribute  and pave the way toward the new axis age.

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