Thoughts on Memorial Day

A pacifist song from  pre WW I:

I did not raise my boy to be a soldier.  I brought him up to be my pride and joy. who dares to place a musket on his shoulder to shoot some other mother’s darling boy?


A poem by Jaques Prevert, beloved french poet, about the senseless destruction of war:  Souviens toi Barbara.

english translation in Yahoo exerpts.

Remember barbara.  it rained endlessly on Brest on that day. and you walked smiling. Radiant, enchanted dripping wet in the rain…

A man under a porch was sheltering. and he called your name Barbara. and you ran toward him  in the rain.  dripping wet, enchanted, radiant.  and you threw yourself into his arms lovingly.

Remember that, Barbara.

Oh Barbara, what a bloody farce the war.  what become of you now in the rain of fire of steel of blood. And the man who clasped you in his he now dead, missing or still alive?

Oh Barbara, its now raining endelessly on Brest as it rained before.  but now it is not the same. Its a rain of mourning, of quiet desolation, no longer the storm of iron steel and blood.

its merely  clouds,   like rotting dead dogs floating  and disappearing far away beyond Brest,  Brest of which nothing remains.

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