Antoine Careme… chef of kings and king of chefs

France. 1789.  the french revolution.  terrible era of chaos and change.  heads roll daily under the guillotine,  new french invention  for speedy execution  of the guilty, until proven innocent.

Antoine Careme, abandonned child, uneducated, grew up in the gutters of Paris. From kitchen boy ,  through sheer determination ,  he became a celebrated patissier and chef to many crowned heads of europe.  the first  international culinary star.  Being the pionner of Haute Cuisine is not good enough :  self taught, he codified french cooking, wrote about architecture and had several inventions to his credit,  among which the chef’s uniform of today.  not bad for a destitute  ” moineau de Paris” ( french slang for a street smart “hood” kid)

The ” invincible summer” of antoine careme.

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