make me see… or the wisdom of children

This is one of the most triumphant moments of my life as an artist, nay… as a human being: I am useful.

my second grade teacher noticed my overwhelming obsession for drawing. permission granted to draw on the back of the  blackboard.  Punctually  everyday, in classroom before opening time , propped on a chair,  covering the entire blackboard  with illustration of the poem “du jour”.  It was boring for the children  until my magic power came to play.

Recitation time:  a cry in unison:  ” make us see” , the drawing  flipped frontview.  the children  shouted on the top of their voice the memorized words.  Some  acted out the illustration.  We rocked the day . my little friends loved me for making them see and i loved them for making me the official magician of the class.

Forgive me, it was long ago, i do not remember you individually, but i still see you all, neck stretched toward the blackboard , eyes and mouth wide open,  shouting : ” make us see”. Because you need my magic to see,  till the end of time, i shall hone my magic skills for you.

This website and all the works therein, are dedicated to you, dear wise little people of my childhood.

copyright by l.chan 2000.

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