300…spartan shields. a sculpture in progress.

Some words must be said, some gesture must be made…no matter the cost.

480 BC.  Greece. The battle of Thermopylae ( the gate of fire). Massive invasion of Greece by the Persian army, over 200,000 strong. King Leonidas and 300 Spartan elite soldiers made a last stand to allow the small Greek army (2000 men) to escape.

Leonidas and his braves were anihilated ,  But the following year,  Greece  rallied and stopped the invasion.

Of the 300 slain spartans, only DIECENES is granted by the  Spartans the posthumous title Aristeia:  ” most virtuous soldier”  according to the Spartan way of life.  The day of battle.  facing the multitude of Persian archers,  whose flying arrows would darken the sky,  Diecenes’ reply:  ” we shall fight them in the shade then”.

I made a sculpture to honour Diecenes:  a bronze disc pierced with so many holes , it s no longer a shield made of bronze but a shield made of holes.

Diecenes’ shield is done.   The sculpture , somehow has grown to 20 shields.  I guess his slain companions wanted their voice  heard as well.  Dont know when   , dont know how but   the sculpture will grow to 300 shields … and how many holes i would have created by then.   will report to you when the work is done.

battle of Thermopylae. spartan shield of holes.

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