ray charles …negro spirituals… negro reels.

Paris in the 60’s, Ray Charles live concert: swept away into a world of gut-deep world of sounds and poetry.  What an immense artistic achievement:  Ray took the rythm of the gospel music and sings about our daily life.  digging some more, i discover  the negro spirituals ,digging some more and  found negro folk music and songs, some of them , incoherent words,  relics of  past utterances from africa . The music of the slaves:  the negro reels.

I wrote some of these reels, on mobile- sculptures , butterflies made of steel and let the words fly away in the wind.  here is one of the reels: Look down the lonesome road, hang down your head and cry. even the dearest friends must part some day. why not you and I?apollo butterfly. reels

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