Tending your own garden . Voltaire and Candide


Voltaire. French philosopher , one of the founding fathers of “The Age of Enlightenment” .Radical new ideas swept the western world of the 18th century and sowed the seeds of the French and American Revolutions.

Prolific writer ( over 2000 books and pamphlets) famous for his fierce wit as a socio-political satirist . In his book Candide, the hero of the same name,  journeys through Europe and  Asia Minor ( now, the Middle East) and witnesses a world falling into decadence and anarchy. Candid’s quest came to an amazing conclusion:  he settled down in a Muslim country ,  on the advise of his Muslim friend, to live peacefully with his neighbours, to tend his own garden and to produce something of value to others . That is the lesson Candide left  us.

The garden  OK, but why in a Muslim country?

Amazing prophecy. Over 200 years ago, when western culture, thoughts and religion reigned supreme, Voltaire advocated an open mind attitude: to accept other cultures and learn about their wise ways. its the only way to build a peaceful world.

Yes Monsieur Voltaire,  I have been  tending my own garden.

Starting the blog journal, helped me collect my thoughts and gather my seeds.  wish i had your wit and writing facility.

 will keep you informed…

Coy bids you a bientot

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